G2 System backup procedures

Installation instructions

cd /tmp
wget dstar.info/dist/g2_backup_installer
/bin/bash ./g2_backup_installer
Example Installation:
[nj6n@k6vo ~]$ su
[root@k6vo nj6n]# cd /tmp
[root@k6vo tmp]# wget -q dstar.info/dist/g2_backup_installer
[root@k6vo tmp]# /bin/bash ./g2_backup_installer

D-STAR Backup Script (g2_backup) Installer

Backing up current g2_backup script ...[Done]
Fetching backup script from dstar.info/dist / g2_backup ... [Done]

Would you like to have a copy of your backup emailed to you? (Y/n): Y

Enter the email address to backup data to: you@youraddress.com

Re-enter the email address to backup data to: you@youraddress.com

Installing cron.d entry: /etc/cron.d/dstar-backup ... [Done]

                   **** Important NOTE ****

Backup archive file will be created in /tmp at 04:35 every Sunday.

To create a backup manually:


A copy of the backup will also be sent to: you@youraddress.com

Backup script has been installed.

D-STAR Gateway Re-Installation Instructions

These procedures are designed to enable a gateway administrator to recover from a catastrophic failure of their gateway system. While it is possible to create a replica of your current system using these procedures, it is imperative that you DO NOT run two instances of your gateway at the same time on the production network.

  1. IMPORTANT: Do NOT run two instances of your gateway at the same time!
  2. If the gateway you are restoring is still online, shut it down now!
  3. Re-install CentOS version 5.x per ICOM Installation Instructions.
  4. Re-install bind domain name server software per ICOM instructions using ds_bind-install script.
  5. Re-install gateway software per ICOM Instructions using dstar_gw-install script.
  6. Log in as root with the password you created in step 3.
  7. Restore the backup files created by the gw_backup script.
  8. Re-install updates 1, 2, and 3.
  9. Restore the postgres database:
  10. Re-install DStarMonitor.
  11. Re-install dplus
  12. Reboot your system.
  13. Verify normal operation. Note, it may take 30 minutes to an hour before dplus linking works again.
Brian Roode, NJ6N