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Scripts and Utilities for Your ICOM D-STAR Generation 2 Gateway System

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Want to Roll Your Own?

  1. Scripts are executed using a pre-processor script that sets up variables for the script. For each script, there needs to be a symbolic link to the pre_exec script, to the script name that dplus actually executes, created.
  2. Start by copying an existing script to a new file. You will want to copy ONLY the file ending in .run
  3. The actual script is stored in a file named exec-LETTER.run where LETTER is A-Z
  4. Next, edit the .run file, e.g. exec-J.run to do what you need it to do
  5. Once you're ready to test the script, create a symbolic link to the pre_exec script with the new script letter designator:
  6. cd /dstar/scripts
    ln -s pre_exec exec-J.sh
  7. You only need to create the symbolic link ONCE
  8. To test, send the corresponding exec command using the URCall field (e.g. "K6SOA JX").
  9. You can monitor the execution of exec scripts in /var/log/exec.log, e.g. tail -f /var/log/exec.log

If you are developing your own scripts, these environment and pre-set variables may be used to control script execution:

dplus script environment & pre-set variables
Variable Example Description
$ADMINLKONLY * 0 0/1 = users can link/cannot link
$ADMINULONLY * 0 0/1 = users can unlink/cannot unlink
$ISADMIN * 0 0/1 = user/admin user
$MODULELINK_A unlinked Link status for module A
$MODULELINK_B REF005 A Link status for module B
$MODULELINK_C unlinked Link status for module C
$URCALL GB7NM IX 8 character YOUR callsign from RF caller
$DVDONGLES G7LWT ,NJ6N CSV list of connected Dongles
$MODULE B Reports RF module accessed by RF user
$RPT1 GB7NM B Returns the RPT1 setting of the RF caller
$RPT2 GB7NM G Returns the RPT2 setting of the RF caller
$REGISTERED * 0 0/1 = caller is not reg'd/is reg'd on global network
$MYCALL NJ6N Callsign of the RF caller
$MYSUFFIX WOOF Returns the 4 character /XXXX caller suffix
$DPLUS_VERSION 2.2f Returns the dplus version in use ( > 2.2f )
$GWCALL GB7NM Gateway callsign, no port suffix A, B or C
$1 NJ6N $ARG equivalent of $MYCALL
$2 WOOF $ARG equivalent of $MYSUFFIX
$3 GB7NM IX $ARG equivalent of $URCALL
$4 GB7NM B $ARG equivalent of $RPT1
$5 GB7NM G $ARG equivalent of $RPT2


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