G2/G3 Gateway Backup Script

Installation instructions - for ICOM G2 and G3 gateways

cd /tmp
wget https://dsync.dstarusers.org/gw_backup_installer
/bin/bash ./gw_backup_installer
Example Installation:
[root@k6vo tmp]# bash gw_backup_installer 

D-STAR Backup Script (gw_backup) Installer

Backing up current gw_backup script ...[Done]
Fetching backup script from https://dsync.dstarusers.org / gw_backup ... [Done]

Would you like to have a copy of your backup emailed to you? (Y/n): Y

Enter the email address to backup data to: you@youraddress.dom

Re-enter the email address to backup data to: you@youraddress.dom
Enabling UNSUPPORTED Code Ready Builder (CRB) repository to install sharutils...

Installing package 'sharutils' ... 
AlmaLinux 9 - CRB                                                                       10 kB/s | 4.2 kB     00:00    
Package sharutils-4.15.2-21.el9.x86_64 is already installed.
Dependencies resolved.
Nothing to do.

Installing cron.d entry: /etc/cron.d/dstar-backup ... [Done]

                   **** Important NOTE ****

Backup archive file will be created in /tmp at 04:35 every Sunday.

To create a backup manually:


A copy of the backup will also be sent to: you@youraddress.dom
Backup script has been installed.
Brian Roode, NJ6N